Louise Lawler and Colin Hunt: Two Site-Specific Installations

Curated by Robert Longo


When asked to curate a show in this space, I immediately thought of Louise Lawler and Colin Hunt. Knowing the space well, I thought that both of these artists—one highly regarded as a seminal figure in the art world, and the other young and emerging on the scene—would fit together in this unique viewing environment. I also had a desire to see both of these specific works come to fruition. The two opposing walls of the gallery lend themselves well to creating a shared, yet distinct space for the work to stand in conversation. Lawler’s Chicago (placed and pulled) stretches from floor to ceiling, enveloping the wall and abstracting a well-known image, while Hunt installs his own wall for Willa’s Paintings, as a way to transport the viewer to another space and confront the abstraction of memory. I am interested in the intersection between the work of artists from different generations and how each can inform the other. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to see such groundbreaking work from an established artist like Louise Lawler, but it also opens the door to view work from a new voice in the same context.

I would like to thank the artists, as well as Marvin and Susan Numeroff for this opportunity.

-Robert Longo